Hamilton May is a partner of the latest ThinkCo report "High-end properties"



Our latest publication from ThinkCo delves into the world of luxury and high-quality properties. The "High-end properties" report offers a thorough analysis of the luxury real estate market in Poland, covering aspects such as the definition of luxury, customer preferences, and market prospects, including rentals. Within this publication, you'll discover how customer expectations have evolved over the years, what features indicate a higher standard of real estate, the impact of square footage on pricing, and the most desirable locations for holiday property investment. We invite you to explore the insights presented in the "High-end properties" report for a deeper understanding of the luxury real estate landscape. English version of the report will be available soon.

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The report presents detailed data derived from analyses and insights provided by partners: Otodom, NOHO Investment, Renters, and Hamilton May. For instance:

  • In January 2024, the average price per square meter for apartments was PLN 17,321 in sea resorts and PLN 16,024 in mountain resorts.
  • 85% of luxury real estate listings on Otodom are concentrated in five cities.
  • Gdańsk is having the highest proportion of high-quality apartment offerings.
  • 31% of luxury apartments are located in Warsaw.

Why choose off-market transactions?

The "High-end properties" report, featuring a case study by the Hamilton May team, sheds light on this strategy. An example from Warsaw's Wilanów Królewski district demonstrates a successful off-market sale of a house valued at over PLN 6.5 million, completed in approximately two months without extensive public promotion. Utilizing off-market tools, the agency facilitated swift and precise connections between involved parties.

Robert Watkins, CEO of Hamilton May, reflected on the market trends

"Over the last 3 years, we have observed a ‘flight to quality’ in which high net worth individuals have sought to purchase exclusive apartments to protect their capital against inflation and general uncertainty. Our data shows an increase in value of luxury apartments of approx. 50% in Poland’s major cities, which is likely a conservate number. Despite a softening in Q4 2023, rental prices for luxury apartments have seen similar growth meaning rental yields have been maintained, with demand fueled by lack of supply, the war in Ukraine and a higher interest environment. The luxury segment remains a haven for investors and has proven it’s resistance. Hamilton May enjoys an established position on the premium market, handling on an off-market sales transactions, acquisition of high-quality tenants and management services, to protect the interests of its clients with a long-term perspective".

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