Hamilton May ranks first in the Otodom TOP 100 best offices in Poland



The best Polish real estate agencies, including Hamilton May, have been awarded prestigious distinctions in the new formula of the Real Estate Leader project by Otodom. This portal conducts a quarterly analysis of advertisement quality to regularly update the ranking of top agencies.

The first place in the "Agencies with 500+ listings" category is a reflection of the systematic work and commitment of the entire Hamilton May team. It is a great honor for us to be at the top of the list of distinguished ones, among the largest agencies from all over Poland.

At Hamilton May, we prioritize the quality of our offers daily. Each offer undergoes a rigorous quality testing system, with our team analyzing each component in detail to ensure it meets demanding standards. Our dedication and precision have earned us the highest distinction, placing us among the select group of agencies with the prestigious Quality Leader Pro title, surpassing competitors who qualified for the lower Quality Leader category.


The new Real Estate Leader ranking features purple emblems on agency advertisements and business cards. These emblems help customers identify top agencies that meet the highest expectations.
Several parameters influence the quality and perception of property listings:

  • Completeness of parameters: Ensures searchers can tailor results to their needs.
  • Precise location: Helps streamline property selection.
  • Professional photos: Spark imagination and simplify the property selection process.
  • Number of photos: More professional photos increase the chance to showcase the property from all angles.
  • Quality of property descriptions: Key to conveying the property's story effectively.
  • Unique titles: Influence the seeker's next step.

Feel free to contact Hamilton May agents, who will be happy to prepare an offer for the rental or sale of your property.

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