What is an energy performance certificate? Is it mandatory?



An energy performance certificate is a document that plays an important role in the process of selling, purchasing, or renting a property. It is an official certificate that shows how much energy a building or a part of it needs to provide comfortable living conditions - including heating, ventilation, preparation of hot water for use, and in some cases, cooling, and lighting. If you want to learn more about energy certificates and their impact on property value, we invite you to read our article for detailed information and useful tips.

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Energy Performance Certificate – Information

Having an energy performance certificate brings numerous benefits for sellers, buyers, or tenants. It allows assessing the costs associated with maintaining a property, aids in making informed purchasing decisions, and enhances the property's attractiveness in the market.

What data does it contain?

The energy performance certificate provides data about the building's energy demand and its potential reduction. It includes detailed information about:

  • Annual demand for usable energy,
  • Final and primary energy,
  • Share of renewable energy sources,
  • CO2 emissions associated with the use of the building.

How to obtain it?

To obtain a certificate, one must hire a certified energy auditor who will conduct the necessary measurements and calculations. This is not only a legal requirement but also a way to optimize the costs associated with maintaining a property.

Form of issuance

The energy performance certificate can be issued in paper or electronic form - depending on preferences. Each certificate is registered and assigned a number in the central register of building energy performance, ensuring its authenticity and ease of verification.

Costs and penalties

The cost of obtaining a certificate depends on the size and type of property, but it is an investment that can bring long-term benefits. The lowest price for an energy performance certificate is about 300 PLN, and most such documents cost several hundred zlotys. The absence of an energy performance certificate during the sale or rental can result in the imposition of financial penalties up to 5000 PLN, making the possession of this document not only beneficial but necessary.

Is the energy performance certificate mandatory?

Yes, having an energy performance certificate is mandatory in certain situations according to European and national law. This document must be presented at every sale or rental transaction. This requirement was introduced as part of promoting energy efficiency and raising public awareness about energy savings in buildings.


The energy performance certificate is an important element in real estate transactions, enhancing the transparency of transactions and increasing environmental awareness. Its role in promoting energy-efficient construction is key not only for homeowners but also for the entire real estate industry.

Regulations on the creation and transfer of building energy performance certificates can be found in the Act of 29 August 2014 on energy performance of buildings.

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