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Agata Kluza

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

Agata is a person full of dedication and enthusiasm, making her perfectly suited for the dynamic world of real estate.
Her dominant trait is empathy, which allows her to accurately sense clients' needs and find the perfect property for them. With a background in civil engineering, Agata brings a unique perspective and can assist with any engineering-related issues that may arise during the property search.

Agata is a positive, solution-oriented individual, turning every situation into a challenge to overcome rather than an obstacle. Her excellent command of English, gained from a two-year stay in the United States, enables her to effectively communicate with international clients.

In her free time, Agata enjoys hiking in the mountains and tutoring in math and English. Her versatility, knowledge, and passion make her an invaluable member of our team.
We invite you to get in touch with Agata and see how she can help you find your dream property!

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