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Agata Śliwka

Estate Agent

License number: 25780

Years in the company:

apartment sale

Agata has been involved in the real estate industry since 2018. She had the pleasure of comprehensively handling both sales and lettings transactions. She has an experience in dealing with foreign clients and worked as an on-boarding manager, trainer and sales team leader. Agata obtained her professional license from the Polish Real Estate Federation in 2020.
Her professional education and interests have always oscillated around creative industries. She completed her full-time studies at the University of Warsaw in the field of spatial management with a master's thesis on the creative sector. She continued her studies in architecture by gaining professional experience as an analyst in the evaluation research department, and in the following years as an architect. However, her love of working with clients steered her career towards the photography and media industry, where she combined design with working with customers. Ultimately, it was in the real estate industry that she found satisfaction.
Over the past few years she has had the pleasure of leading many projects, including transactions with a volume of more than PLN 7 million. For a period of two years, she co-created a training series and a comprehensive induction programme for new employees in the real estate industry. She also won titles of transaction leader, debut of the year or quality leader.
She combines her duties as an advisor with a role of a mother of two daughters. In her free time she practices yoga, plays instruments and sings. She loves having guests and organizing forest excursions for them, which in winter she enriches by swimming in a frozen lake.

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