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Anastasia Goluk

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

Anastasia Goluk has been working with Hamilton May as a real estate agent since 2022 in the Warsaw branch. Before joining the team, she gained experience in the sales department of the prestigious Zlota 44 investment, and then worked in the technical department of this investment, which allowed her to get to know the building from a broader perspective. Thanks to these experiences, she learned about the construction standards of luxury buildings in Poland and how to manage them effectively. In her work as an agent, she uses the knowledge she has gained every day, and is able to appreciate and skilfully highlight the unique fit-out materials and technical construction solutions used in the most innovative buildings in Poland. At Hamilton May she enthusiastically and successfully handles sales and rental transactions of premium properties. In real estate, she is fascinated by the whole process of brokerage, from collecting precise information from the client, finding matching properties, organising presentations of selected units, to handing over the keys to the lucky beneficiaries.  She is constantly training herself in various real estate related fields - fit-out, investment or negotiation, which enriches her workshop.

Anastasia is a dynamic and curious person. Her motto is: "focus on solutions" and it helps her in every situation - private and professional. Always interested in long-term collaborations with inspiring people. In 2015, she obtained her master's degree in psychology, specialising in practical psychology. The knowledge gained from her studies and numerous trainings on a daily basis helps her to gain a deeper understanding of her clients and to recognise their needs.

Anastasia is fluent in Ukrainian, Polish and English, enabling her to handle real estate transactions involving an international client at a high level.

In her free time she spends time with her loved ones, plays sports and goes to concerts. She is passionate about assembling LEGO sets and derives satisfaction from travelling and exploring new corners of the world.

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