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Szymon Kluza

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

He joined the team of agents in the Krakow branch in October 2022. Immediately prior to joining Hamilton May, he spent 3 years actively operating on the rental management market and servicing the market of properties purchased for investment purposes. During this short period of time he successfully conducted over 50 transactions on the real estate market in Krakow. He has been gaining experience in the area of professional customer service since 2019. He developed his sales skills while working on telemarketing projects in the customer service department of a large telecommunications company. He has taken advantage of all possible opportunities to gain additional qualifications to improve his competence in negotiating and building long-term relationships with customers, which bears fruit every day of his chosen career path. He is comfortable with the meanders of the real estate market, the law associated with it and the technical aspects of managing buildings.
Szymon studied Economics and Marketing and Market Communication in Cracow. He is an ambitious person, looking for new challenges, with an optimistic outlook on life. He strives in life to improve himself and his environment. Working with people and being responsible for the tasks motivates him to act every day. Szymon is empathetic, able to perfectly recognise the needs and take care of the interests of his clients. Szymon provides customer service in Polish and English.
Privately, Szymon is a passionate about playing team sports. He is fascinated by personal development and interpersonal relationships. He is interested in technology, health and economics. He adapts easily to a changing environment, but also appreciates quiet moments spent with loved ones.

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