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Jason Boughner

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

In the summer of 2019, Jason Boughner joined Hamilton May's team of agents in Warsaw. He has been actively involved in the residential real estate industry in Warsaw since 2017. Jason's professional career spans nearly 30 years and is rich in diverse experience.

His career began in the family business during the 1990s. From 2000 to 2007 Jason worked in financial services, covering insurance, investment, financial planning, and international banking, both in Canada and the Czech Republic. Following this, he successfully launched and managed two businesses in the Czech Republic over a decade: a wine merchant and a food services business.

Jason was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from the University of Windsor. As a native English speaker who is fully fluent in French, and who has moved over oceans and around Europe, Jason is fully able to take the client's perspective to properly serve their needs. He is well suited to work with clients from all countries and cultures.

Committed to professional development, Jason continually enhances his skills by attending courses and training sessions. As an amateur inventor, he has also developed several innovative products. His passions include cooking, wine, travel, and sailing.

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