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Igor Sobotnyk

Estate Agent

Years in the company:

apartment sale

Igor Sobotnyk in 2021 started his career in the industry as a real estate agent in Wroclaw. The next step on his career path became the Wroclaw team of agents at Hamilton May, which he joined in April 2023. His efficiency in action is confirmed by the number of real estate transactions completed, which exceeded 100 in less than 2 years of Igor's activity in the industry. For a while, Igor held the position of marketing specialist at a globally operating luxury car accessories retailer.
Igor has a strong interest in exploring why and how people act. This innate curiosity, coupled with excellent listening skills, has shaped him into an insightful and empathetic guide to the world of real estate for those uncertainly navigating this market. His work with clients is devoid of templates, and this pays off in long-term relationships built on trust.
Igor is fluent in four languages at work: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. In addition, he has a basic knowledge of German. He attaches great importance to personal development and actively acquires knowledge to stay abreast of the ever-changing world and trends. Igor graduated from the University of Wrocław with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Management. In addition, he furthered his interest in digital marketing and graphic design at the IHECS university in Brussels. He is interested in history and politics. In his free time he plays basketball and spends his time actively, loves music festivals and positive energy.

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